I’m so sorry I didn’t post my usual Monday blog. I got on a roll writing my novel–writing furiously, editing equally maniacally and it all felt so good, I wrote right through my usual time for writing and posting on my blog.

On the one hand I apologize for not writing here. On the other, it felt so good to be on this path and I couldn’t stop. Before I knew it, time had flown by and it was 3:30 in the morning and I hadn’t posted on my blog.

Sometimes I think things take forever to approach their conclusions. But then, there are activities, like yesterday where every second passes with pace and speed. I’ve never been able to determine exactly what causes an activity to pass quickly because certainly a second, a minute, an hour don’t move any faster or slower day to day. And yet, days like yesterday where I look at the clock one minute and it’s 230 p.m. and before I blinked an eye, I was lying down for bed and it was 3:30 a.m.

Monterosso, Italy

Some say getting older causes the delusion. Maybe they’re right. But, maybe it’s enjoyment that causes the delusion. The more enjoyment I ensconce myself in or with, the more enjoyable and seemingly faster time goes by. Now it may be true that it’s only getting older that allows us to surround ourselves with enjoyment. But, what about our week-ends, holidays, and vacations? Doesn’t time fly by then and we’re not necessarily older when enjoying those things, right?

When I was younger, all I surrounded myself with was what society or family or church or whoever, told me I should surround myself with or by. The activities weren’t geared toward my enjoyment; rather, they were geared towards keeping society stable and maintaining the status quo. I created ways for myself to accomplish the things I was told to do.

You know what I mean—leaving home, getting married, having children, etc., etc., etc., whatever, you can fill in the gaps with the instructions you understood. But my instructions were arduous, tortuous affairs I endured only because they’d been the only marching orders I’d known. I tried enhancing my original marching orders, but I only fulfilled them with upgraded versions of the original orders. I sat at a desk rather than plow a field. I married and divorced rather than raising the kids and putting them through college.

Still, I followed them because I didn’t realize there might have been some other way to fulfill the longing in my heart and soul. Some people find ways around it, but all I did was get myself so tangled in the web of marching orders I had no choice but to continue the journey. That is, I had bills, debts, x-number of years with the company and now I can’t quit, etc. You fill in the gaps of your journey.

Doesn’t seem to matter what socio-economic bracket you’re in. There are marching orders and an agenda that await you. Now, perhaps some are quite happy living and fulfilling their orders. But if all of us or even most of us were, would we be as eager for those week-ends, vacations, and holidays where we’re doing things we really enjoy and our time flies by?

The work weeks drag—I remind you of TGIF; and Hump Day—funny phrases but they also reflect our attitudes toward the drudgery of work weeks. I endured the pre-ordained agenda most of us have or do. But, last night when I’d forgotten to write my blog—which I love doing—it dawned on me that there are many activities in my life now, all equally enjoyable. As such, my days fly by like a merry-go-round I can hardly keep up with.

No one encouraged or even told me when I was younger that one choice could be doing what I loved or what felt good so I had no idea. Now retired, older, and with time I’ve come to understand things I wished I’d at least had a notion of when younger. But that was then, this is now. My point is, along your journey of life, find something that makes you joyous and happy from the inside out and see if time doesn’t fly by without your even noticing.

And, as time goes by, maybe it really is being older that causes us to understand this. But does it have to be that way? I wonder.

Well, back to learning my craft and writing my novel and I hope I’ve given you something to ponder at least. Our journeys are interesting paths for each and every one of us and I hope you’re enjoying your journey as much as I’m enjoying mine. If not, maybe it’s only a matter of time going by. Til next time.