I’ve passed the midpoint of my novel-writing journey.  The trip’s been exciting, exasperating and I would (and will) take it again.  The most sensational part has been how much I’ve learned.

Cliffs of Moher

There remains many miles yet to travel to reach the finish line, but oh, so exciting to see a finish line.  It’s important I remember not to get overly anxious to reach the end and along the way forget tending to important details.  I have to remember the adage I’ve heard many times—the devil is in the details.

Life’s journey has also been this way for me.  For example, sometimes I’ve been over anxious to pay my bills and get them out of the way.  I get overly anxious to complete the task and miscalculate the numbers.  Then, I get a notification from the bank that my account’s overdrawn.  When that happens I have to pay insufficient fund fees to the bank in addition to the overdrawn amounts.

If I’d paid attention to the details—where the devil lurks—I wouldn’t have miscalculated in the first place then agonized how to make up the differences in my bank accounts.  And, I haven’t only overdrawn my account once or twice due to my carelessness or anxiousness.  I’ve done it so many times I can’t even count.  As if I never learn.

Now, I feel the same excitement–or anxiousness–getting to the end of my novel that I’ve felt when I’ve wanted to hurry through my bill-paying process.  If I’ve learned from my mistakes, now I have to quell my enthusiasm and pay close attention to the details approaching the finish line.  Because if I don’t, the devil in the details to the finish line will demand its compensation.  Just as I had to pay all those NSF fees to the bank, the writing gods have their own requirements and will demand the payment.

The last novel I wrote, I didn’t understand the details and cost for that was putting that novel in a drawer which remains unseen by anyone but me.  I don’t intend to place this novel in a drawer so no one else has the opportunity to read it if they choose. So, to the details I go!

Til next time, Ciao