The steps of my journey never cease to amaze me.  Each step I take lights the path in the direction I should go next.  But it’s my initiative to take the steps in the first place that sets things in motion.  What I like about the way this works is every path leads me to information I need at a particular time even if I don’t know I need it.

Sound confusing?  It’s not really.  An example—the novel I’m writing shows me at each interval what I need to know next.  I thought because I like to write I could sit at my computer, type some words in story form and voila, I’d have a novel.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’ve since discovered an ability to put words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs is only the initial steps to creating a novel.

Taking those initial steps, I found I also needed a premise, a goal, interesting characters, a killer first line, etc., etc., etc.  Each time I took a step, I found there was another step to learn on the path.  And, just when I think I have everything squared away, there’s more.  I’ve learned I also need character arcs, conflict, resolutions, and a killer ending.

In many ways this process describes my life journey as well.  Just when I think I’ve figured everything out in life, another path alights and taking that path shows me more things I need to know.  There’s good and bad news to perceiving life this way.  The good news is I’m never bored and the bad news is I’m never bored.  I love learning new things and/or improving what I already know because life stays dynamic, exploding with opportunities and new paths to take.  Along the paths I meet new people, go to new places, see new things, and improve my overall life experience.

Sunset in Comagli, Cinque Terre, Italy

As for my novel, I have all, or most, of the component parts, but couldn’t decide how to connect them.  Because the parts wouldn’t fit together properly, my novel didn’t read or feel the way I wanted so I knew there were more paths.  Finding the path requires taking a step in any direction.  The initiative to take that first step is what leads me wherever I need to go.  I know I’ll get where I want to go because I always do.  The thing is, that once I’m where I wanted to go, I’ll see another path I’d like to take and the journey starts anew.

I guess for some the question is do we ever get “there,” wherever “there” is.  My answer to that question for myself is this, we all end in the same place—life ends on this plane.  Since that’s where we all end up, why not have the best time possible and enjoy the journey?  That’s my plan, and so far, it’s been a pleasant trip.  Yes, at times, frustrating, irritating, or annoying, but those emotions are character builders and who doesn’t need or want character?  Additionally, those emotions, more often than not, provide extra lights on the path to their flip sides of joy, fulfillment, and completion.

All of Life works as a united whole and I try to enjoy each and every step on my path of lights.  So, back to putting the pieces of my novel together.  Til next time.