Project Description

The night scene is the view from my balcony and it was magical.  I loved traveling Italy and its many layers.  One of my favorite spots were the less cosmopolitan places.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the history and grandeur of Rome, but being a country girl at heart, what really got my heart pumping were the rustic places.

There’s a photo of me on the site where I’m sitting at a table surrounded by lush vegetation.  I look like a school teacher, but actually I’m outside Sorrento at an “Agriturismo” which roughly translates, farm stay.  To me it was just a farm.  To get there, we drove up into the hills above Sorrento on a dirt covered, winding road while dogs nipped at the tires of the van.  It was great.  Reminded me of the rawness and rustic-ness of where I grew up.

Once we reached our destination, we climbed a flight of wooden stairs that opened into a beautiful farm house.  Plants and flowers adorned the entire inside surfaces and the light from the fireplaces lit our way.  We had proseco, a four-course meal and after dessert a sommelier treated us to the delights of lemoncello, that was made at the farm house by the way. It was as delightful way to spend an evening.  Maybe because it was reminiscent of simpler times when all seemed to be right with the world.  Or, maybe it was just wonderful to be in a place so warm and inviting with such great people.

Whatever it was, I love calming and relaxing experiences as well as the jarring hustle and bustle of  cities.  I love all of it!