Project Description

Ahhh, Rome.  What can be said about it that hasn’t already been said, written, televised or otherwise covered?  I certainly don’t have anything new to to say.

What I will say however is if you have the opportunity to stand before these magnificent monuments and legacies to the brilliance as well as the darkness of mankind, please do it.  To me, nothing’s more moving than to upon what we’ve accomplished creatively while simultaneously destroying.

Our brilliance and ingenuity to build monuments so magnificent as the Coliseum, houses the same mindset that sponsor executions and sacrifices boggles my mind.  In keeping with the theme of brilliance and destruction, it was infuriating watching tourists taking rocks and other “souvenirs” from the grounds around these sights despite the plea from the guides not to.

Considering the number of tourists visiting these sights, if every one of them took a piece of it home with them, how much of the site will remain for future generations to enjoy?  Man’s brilliance and destruction lives!

It’s certainly the reason so many sites are cordoned off so you can’t get close enough to take part of it.  At Pompeii, there was graffiti on some of the walls.  Man’s ability to be brilliant and destructive never ceases to amaze me.