Project Description

At the Pantheon, I was fascinated by the dome with the famous hole in the top (the oculus).  I always wondered how it remains the only source of light and how something like it was calculated and constructed.  It’s so beyond anything I’ve ever been able to fathom.  Especially since I can just barely draw a straight line even with a ruler.  I agree with Michelangelo’s proclamation that it must have been built by angels, not humans.

The grandeur and majesty of the Pantheon certainly made me feel that way and I’m not even religious.  But if ever there was a time to feel angel and man united, it was my trip to the Pantheon.

And, then of course there’s Vatican City–it’s, its own city with a separate zip code.  I wanted to see the Sistine Chapel and specifically the panel depicting the “Creation of Adam.”

It was a jostling endeavor requiring extreme manipulation on my part, but I managed.  I couldn’t stay as long as I wanted to view everything, but fortunately, the gift shops everywhere provide anything you want.

I would like to have had a private tour through the Vatican, but yeah, like that was going to happen.  But I didn’t mind the jostling, extreme manipulating or the short viewing time because the important thing to me was getting to see everything (especially the “Creation of Adam”).  Since I accomplished that, I was happy.

If you don’t like crowds or cramped spaces, avoid the Vatican.  But if you’re like me, and excited by everything about traveling, you have to go.